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Author : Apratyashita Thakur

Publisher : goodnovel


Moth and Flames is an unusual love story between Alex, an orphan and Eva, a 500-year-old vampire. When Alex is accepted into St. Normans' he sets off on his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming a scientist, full of hope and aspiration. He finds love and acceptance that he had craved all his life in his friend Aaron and his family who welcome him with open arms. He is very hopeful UNTILL Eva turns his world upside down. She drives him to the edge insulting him one moment and helping him in the next. Alex plunges himself into investigating Eva's background but nothing can prepare him for the discoveries he is about to make. Fiery Flames destined to burn, Burnt itself too in return, Hypnotized by the lure, Of selfless love, unconditional pure. Toiling and fighting for each other, Standing tall in frosty weather. They tread through the bloody seas, But destiny is hard to appease. Will one day by creator's magic? Bring a change in this destiny tragic! Love of Moth and Flames; ideologic, Is fulfilled defying all logic...