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My Suspicious Boss

My Suspicious Boss



Author : Lyriculous

Publisher : goodnovel


Courtney Athena lacks appreciation from her parents even she's known for being the school's smartest student. As time goes by, Courtney seems to change her behavior. She was fine and enjoying her time in school not until she met Aiden. Aiden is known for being sporty. He's also the school's heartthrob despite his unpleasant attitude. He searches for someone who can work under him to do his school works. Through searching, he met Courtney. Courtney disagreed and turned him down. 'Til Aiden found out about Courtney's hidden side, and used it by forcing her to work under him. As time goes by, Aiden started to become suspicious around Courtney. It's not only a battle of love and hate. It's a battle of their personalities, whether to accept or change. My Suspicious Boss. Lyriculous4u