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Of Flames and Roses

Of Flames and Roses



Author : JAmersy

Publisher : goodnovel


"We can never be close-" Ahankara said, but couldn't finish her sentence as the small of her back pressed against the water fountain, with Yashvir standing right in front of her. She sucked in a breath, feeling her heart beat pace. "You were saying?" Yashvir raised an eyebrow, taking one last step towards her, so that her body would touch his if either of them moved even in an inch towards each other. "We-we can never be close, Yuvraj," Ahankara replied, even though she felt her voice would disappear any second. "Get away from me." "Hmm, only time will tell that, Princess," Yashvir replied, now leaning towards her.- - - -Yashvir Rathore of Kalang is a fierce Prince, known to be cruel and vicious. Being the Crown Prince of the strongest Kingdom in the state, he has a million responsibilities to take care of, which has made him arrogant and bitter. He is engaged to a Princess from a strong kingdom, so she would eventually become his Queen and further strengthen his rule. Ahankara Singh of the small kingdom of Adibar, is not your average Princess. Not only is she ravishingly beautiful, but at the same time witty, talented, generous and proud of those qualities. There is only one thing she hates in the world more than cruelty: cruel kings. So what happens when one such King meets her by accident, and is immediately awestruck by her elegance and her beauty? Yashvir forgets everything about his engagement, and decides that he wants her, and no one can stop him from getting what he wants.We thus get a marriage of coercion, a fairy-tale of one sided love, drama, palace intrigues, a lot of romance, and a roller-coaster of emotions, forming the story of Yashvir and Ahankara - Of Flames and Roses.