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Our Destined Love (Completed)**

Our Destined Love (Completed)**



Author : _urvashi

Publisher : goodnovel


Aradhya Kashyap, A pretty and talkative girl, 18 years old, who is admired by all people around her. She is enough gorgeous too attract any man. She was raped by someone, She doesn't know who raped her.Samarth Goenka, CEO of the Goenka Industries, 28 years old Handsome billionaire. He hates Aradhya. But he forced Aradhya to marry with him.Whenever they meet onlt fight with each other. Both are like born enemies who are ready to kill each other. Both are egoistic and short temper.Will Aradhya find her rapist?Will Samarth help her to find her rapist?Why Samarth forced her to marry him?What will happen after their marriage?Will they find their true love?