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Please Stay

Please Stay



Author : Claudia K. Kaspa

Publisher : goodnovel


A modern tale about two young boys who find their love to hard to pursue. Xavier is a trotted over teen who finds purpose in creating poetry and art. His family is cold and distant. He hopes for a better future at his new school but things turn for the worse when he falls for the popular guy, Cole. Xavier has one friend though, the voice in his head, but for poor Xavier this is complimented with the dark voices that almost always over power and rule Xavier's world. Xavier isn't fitting in too well at his new school and his new found love for popular boy Cole, turns his quiet life upside down. He finds support in no one and finds it difficult to trust anyone who offers a hand. Everything around him betrays him and leaves. If everyone leaves, is there ever a chance someone will stay?Trigger Warning: Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, abuse, violence.