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Queen: Throne of Revenge

Queen: Throne of Revenge



Author : CitlaliGonzalez

Publisher : goodnovel


Destinie Luciana Scar. The name sent tremors through everyone in the cursed village. If they saw her, they hid. Locked the doors and prayed she didn't pick any of them as the sacrifice. Once taken, they never came back. Men, Women, children, babies. She shows no mercy. It is said she loves only herself and no one else. Only one person has ever gotten close and he is as evil as she is. The daughter of Hades wants revenge and she's not stopping until she's satisfied. Determined, Daring, and Dangerous. She is powerful and nothing stopped her. Ever The son of three major and powerful deities. Son of the Moon, Nature herself, and the Magic that bloomed. He loved her and she was ignorant of that. He loved her and she was his mate. He does anything for her and never judges her. He supports her through everything. While everyone hates her and hopes for her ultimate death, he does everything to keep her satisfied and safe. He will let no one hurt her because he knows that deep inside is a hurt little girl who only wants justice for the crimes committed against her family. He believes one thing and one thing only, no matter what others say. And that is... ...The devil's daughter can love. He'll prove his mate isn't a heartless monster, not how many think. That she is beautiful and they'll see what he sees. He'll stop at nothing.