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SOLD OUT [ 18+]

SOLD OUT [ 18+]



Author : Jen Grey

Publisher : goodnovel


**MATURE CONTENT** He is fifty shades darker. ‘ ** '' Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to deserve this?’’ shouted Callista, falling to her knees and sobbing loudly. Sylvester was standing there quietly with a cold face. Inside his heart, he was feeling painful but the hatred overcame his pain. '' Why do not you love me anymore? I am hell sure; you loved me but why not now? Why are you ignoring me as if I do not exist?’’ He wanted to scream what made him cold, how Callista made him the happiest man on earth until the truth revealed. However, he could not. He wanted to give her pain. ‘’it is just definition of love has changed for me and you will not understand the new one’’ he informed her after a long silence. ‘’I will understand and learn everything for you, no matter how hard it is’’ Callista stood up and wiped her tears away from the back of her hand. ‘’Are you sure? There is no place for regret later.’’ Sylvester informed and glanced at her for the first time in days. ‘’Yeah, I am sure and I will not regret’’ Callista said sternly. Sylvester nodded and held her by her wrists and pulled her towards the top most floor which was locked for years and entry was restricted here. He filled some password and the room unlocked. As soon as the view came in front of eyes of Callista, her breath hitched in her throat. There hanged the flogs, leather belts and clamps ‘’Are you ready?’’ Sylvester asked and a smirk took place on his face.