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SPARE PARTS (Completed)

SPARE PARTS (Completed)



Author : marina

Publisher : goodnovel


Levon Quinn is a mechanic at her father’s auto shop in Danville a small town in Georgia. Growing upwith her mechanic father and brothers. She developed a passion for cars and racing. She wishes to earnmoney and go to a racing academy.Blair Ford has come to Danville for a two week vacation to visit his parents. When his car breaks downon his way, he doesn’t expect a female mechanic to run to his rescue and a hot one at that. He iscaptivated with her long dark locks, plump luscious lips and worst of all is lost in her hazel eyes. Blair isnot the only one hooked at the moment but she is too.Levon is not the type of girl to go for fun flings or relationships with some new rich hot guy in town butone look at Blair has her doubting her rules and for once, she is bound to break them.With all the roll coaster of emotions with Blair, she has fallen for him way too hard but Blair is leaving inno time. This is not what she expected when it all began but her heart is about to be shattered in pieceswhen the two weeks elapse. The most confusing thing is she doesn’t even know if Blai feels the sameway.