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Tears of a sad Goodbye

Tears of a sad Goodbye



Author : Hueghin

Publisher : goodnovel


The ocean is quiet, the smell of the fresh air and the coldness of the wind that makes my heart float from mid-air. The sound of the waves that is splashing on the shore, the warm water from the ocean that gently touched my toes. I stared at the sky to prevent the tears from crawling down to my lashes. " I'm ready Dilan" " phew" I released a heavy sigh " this is it" I stood up and walked slowly near the shore. " hey stop!! Stop" I heard someone shouted, but I don't care at all, right now all I need is to remove all the pain that I am feeling right now, I need to end this suffering, I need to follow him I loved him. " Hey what do you think you are doing, " the man wearing a black polo shirt said as he pulled me back to the shore " I... I want to end this," I said as I cry like a baby " Hey mung, don't do that.. think of your family, friends," he said I don't even know this person and why the heck is he invading my life I stared at him and I was shocked when I saw his face, am I dreaming? Is this real? What the hell? There are things that science can't explain. Is this a blessing from up above? Or did Dilan gave me this man because he knows that I will be lonely without him? I find something interesting, Dilan gave me something to treasure, to love and to trust.