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The Bosses Dark Secret (COMPLETED)

The Bosses Dark Secret (COMPLETED)



Author : Chantinglove138

Publisher : goodnovel


18+ content in the book, read at your risk! A Victim of secrets... Stella Miller have no reason to trust men, especially not a merciless brute multi-millionaire CEO like Max Stokes who happened to give her negative vibes soon after their first meet over an interview. Even though he showered her with unnecessary attention, Stella is horrified because her new boss is way too sweet for her and way too hard on others. It looks as if, he has something hidden behind his sweetness... Something like a secret? A Man on a dangerous Mission... Max Stokes need Stella Miller for one reason. Restitution. He has a score to settle with the Miller family, for something they had done to him. And only one thing will make them even: Stella Miller,in his bed, in his life, at his mercy. He won't be satisfied until he has her in his bed... And Max knows exactly the way he wants her! Now, will Stella be able to save herself and find his secret before the CEO has her? Or, will Max attain what he wants and take Stella to his bed?*Not fully edited, it's under slow editing*