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The Cripple and The King

The Cripple and The King



Author : ShreyaSolaris

Publisher : goodnovel


One born a cripple, another groomed to be a King. Both with rough childhoods, both with pieces left on the floor--broken. Brought together by an accidental meeting, can they pick up the pieces that others have dropped? Or will a blast from the past seething for revenge smash the already cracked shards of their hearts? ~~ Born with a disability, costing her a social life, seventeen-year-old Raleigh Rivercrest despises herself and the way she looks. Consistently mocked throughout her childhood because of her genetics, she believes that no human can love her until she meets Lucien--a Lycan King. ~~ Cursed with immortality at a young age, Lycan King Lucien Hale lives in solitude in his massive pack, his life running in a circle of repetition. Left to live with a feral wolf clawing inside his head to break free, he meets his destined in the form of a skinny, love deprived teenage girl who he would give anything for--even his crown.