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The Crush's Crusher

The Crush's Crusher



Author : JOSIE

Publisher : goodnovel


...In the name of crush, love and lies...They say broken people can't fall in love, right? But what if love really lies? Fighting depression and bipolarity along with eating disorder and coupled with fighting the urge not to take her own life, can things get anymore confusing for Fay when a silly crush transpire into something else? They say obsession is sweet, but when it leads to infatuation, it tends to get more dangerous and powerful. "Can I kiss you?" He whispered, his lips hovering above hers slightly, their lips almost touching. She shook her head negatively, her lips unconsciously dying for his taste. "Alright." His breath out, untangling his fingers from her hair as he made to move his lips away from hers but she pulled his head back quickly before muttering against his small pink lips. "Kiss me." © Josephine. C. Ivy