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The Deal With Grimm

The Deal With Grimm



Author : Shantae Red

Publisher : goodnovel


"Please, help me." I begged the male nurse.He stood there with my baby in his arms. His eyes stayed glued to mines, his mouth not moving an inch to make words or form a sentence. He walked over to me and handed my baby boy in my arms. "I can't help you." He said.Once I grabbed my son from him, he walked to the room door. "Why won't you help me?!" I shouted.The nurse stopped by the door before his head turned to the left. With my son right arm, I used my left to climb out of bed and slowly as I could. Placing both my feet on the ground, I was able to stand up and walk to the nurse."Why won't you help me?" I asked him, tears pouring down my face. He turned back to the front and sighed."He forbid us from helping you ever again." He told me and walked away.I followed behind him and stopped in my tracks when I saw the double doors swing open. My head turned to the right and my eyes widened with fear sitting heavily on my heart as my eyes landed on the man who was coming to take our child from me.***Mila made the biggest mistake ever. During a near death incident, she made a deal with a man who would give her a second chance at living However, Mila will realize that the deal she made will come with bad consequences. And the Grim Reaper will make sure that the deal will see to its end.