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The Light You Give

The Light You Give



Author : Lanie Adamson

Publisher : goodnovel


I place my hand on his leg to calm down his agitated tapping, he flicks me a knowing smile. "Stealing my moves Lace?" Seth asks flicking me an award winning smile. That fucking smile. "I own your moves Nixon." I reply. I go to pull my hand away but Seth's leg immediately starts bouncing again. I place my hand on his leg again giving him a sideways glance. I see the corner of his lips tug into a little smile. I see your game Seth Nixon. Lacey Carter, Captain of the Cheerleading team, Captain of the Soccer team, Near perfect GPA, lives in a wealthy part of town, has guys at her beck and call, has a secret. One so dark and twisted, no one could ever guess it. Hiding it from the world, unwillingly, a concept she drew from her mother's prideful ignorance. Seth Nixon. Lacey's best friends twin brother. Player of the school, the guy who has a new girlfriend every month, Captain of the football team, Captain of the boys Soccer team. The guy who has always been around Lacey, teasing her, joking with her, laughing at her. He's about to find himself tangled up in Lacey's secret. Line's are crossed that can never be uncrossed. When everything feels like it's going downhill for Lacey and Seth, can they show each other the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel?