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The Misadventures of Anastasia Collins

The Misadventures of Anastasia Collins



Author : Zynthia Butterfly

Publisher : goodnovel


Anastasia Collins was always been a fanatic of mysteries since forever. Solving cases, codes, crimes, riddles–heck, she's even a self-proclaimed detective now. Contrary from that, she's aware from the fact that being a detective is far too different from her real job which is a nurse. So she just satisfied herself by reading mystery books and solving cases together with the protagonists of every book that she read. Enter the book that she recenty read entitled 'Book of Murder'. [It is a novel about a detective named Alice Potter, the protagonist, who got invited to a party that is exclusive for high class people only. The conflict started when one of the invitees got murdered and everyone inside the room is a possible suspect. So as a detective, Alice started investigating and found out that the culprit is really one of the guest named Doreen Garcia.] Anastasia got so fond on the book to the point that she idolized the protagonist, Alice, and wanted to be like her. Until one day, a huge accident happened and found herself in the middle of a party, full of high class people and it felt too familiar. Right the scene from the 'Book of Murder'. Everything feel so surreal but what astound her the most is that, she was not transmigrated as Alice Potter but as Doreen Garcia, the murderer.