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The Mummy and Me

The Mummy and Me



Author : Sanduleo

Publisher : goodnovel


Amy's parents died in an accident after that her uncle was the only one who can be called as her family, one and only family. She was living happily with her uncle. Until... On the day of her graduation her uncle died due to some unknown reason most likely a murder. She was devastated and needed a support from someone so she rushed over to see her boyfriend hoped that he would console her. But who knew was having an affair with someone else. All this made her heart broken which lead her to run from that hellish place which only showed her weak self. Her likely to be aunt and late uncle's girlfriend was the only one who was with her and took her to Egypt ,where her late uncle worked. She went there to investigate his uncles death ,but little did she knew that a Mummy was waiting for her arrival to set him free from his curse. One day she was kidnapped and was brought to the basement of the museum . She was told to break that seal by force. Without having any choice she does the same as they ordered . The Mummy gets freed and make her the host of the new world. One is from the past and the other is from the present. Will they be able to form a great future. This is my first book and is truly fictional . Your reviews are like a gem to me.