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The Secrets In Love

The Secrets In Love



Author : Ghani Dani

Publisher : goodnovel


Alex, Alan and Danny all slowly fall in love with a mysterious woman called Fara. What they don't know that she's a undercover solider known as Sara Will in reality. Sara's life goes in a turmoil as they reveal their secrets to her, trusting her more than they should. When the turns and twists of life make her reveal her true self infront of her friends, they demand her attention of choosing her lover amongst them. She tries alot to make them all stay in her life without hurting anyone but couldn't. Will the battles arising in her life will finally give her happily ever after, after so many hardships of turns and twists or will her life become a tragedy and leave her friends mourning for her in the end? Stories will begin and secrets will unravel. After all they all were Secrets in love.