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The Vengeance of the Crimson Blade

The Vengeance of the Crimson Blade



Author : BlackKnightYuriz

Publisher : goodnovel


Zitrey d' Nightroad is a former assassin known as ‘Crimson Blade of the Dark Moon’ — an organization in a shadow. Years ago, countless lives have already been perished by her tiny hands. Hearing her humorous name 'The Crimson Blade' is feared by the whole country. In a twist of events, she was captured by a Brigadier General a police officer that happened to be her Uncle Benedict. Suprisingly, she was not surrendered in the authority but was adopted to be his son. In order to protect herself from people that wants to take her life, she pretends to be a man and live as Benedict's son. Zitrey then enrolled in Lumiere academy where she lived the life of a normal student. But because of her past, she was cold to everyone and indifferent. The only person she cares about was Kate(sister) and Benedict, which she considered as her new family. But more so, she never let them know about her past nor her goal to search for her mother’s murderer and to have her vengeance! Locked in a room full of darkness and hatred. Someone forcefully broke the walls and gives her light. Someone she accidentally revealed herself, and someone she compared to a certain flower. No other than – Nathan Colfer, an irritating overwordy and troublesome person. And no one knows what will happen later on, as she was the most wanted person in the dark world. ["Let's play a game, you a hunter, and I'm your prey, be sure to draw the arrow correctly 'cause if you'd miss, this rabbit will hunt you instead...”] Warning: All information written here are work of Author's Imagination.