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Their Princess to Take

Their Princess to Take



Author : Eliza Rowen

Publisher : goodnovel


Magic demanded the price of her heart. She never bargained on four claiming it. Gwen was bound to go on an adventure during her Gap Year. All of those carefully calculated plans were destroyed the night an unknown assassin from another realm killed her sister. That night she found out about an ancient bargain and her destiny to take her sister's place to marry one of four Fae Princes. What none of them realized was that Gwen had been meeting these four her whole life in dreams. When Torrin, Marcus, Finn, and Kieran go Earthside because of a mystical warning, they never imagined that they would come face to face with the same woman each had been in love and lust with for years. Can these best friends deal with loving the same woman? Or will the Alpha in each win out? There was no way she could ever choose between the four in her dreams, and now in real life, the choice is impossible. Four brave, handsome, and powerful royals all want her and will use every ounce of strength, magic, and wit to gain her love and claim her as their Mate. Besides winning her over, they must keep her safe in her realm and theirs. The Fae Courts are full of dangers, secrets, and lies. Mixed among the magic and smiling faces, there is a plan to kill the bride to be and the four who guard her. This is a STEAMY Reverse Harem--Featuring a soon to be Princess and Four Dashing Princes who only want her. Sometimes the best choice is not to choose. This is strictly MFM...everything is about her pleasure and her desires.