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Author : Jolante424

Publisher : goodnovel


Skylar Grey, ' the stay out of everyone's business and mind her own type of person ,' never knew that her life would change entirely, when she met Reece Cullen on one Summer Night. She still carries those months from two years ago, into memory. It took quite a while for her to get over what happened. Now months into a new town, new school, new friends and with her focused on finishing school, everything seems to be going in the direction she had set out for herself. It's not long when she's finally settled in and getting used to her new normal, that Reece shows up back into her life, with intention to stay in her life. The problem is that Skylar doesn't want that, especially now that his childhood best friend, Colton Davies is involved. With her life turning upside down all of a sudden, THIS TIME, it's a matter of resistence, pursuit and truth. A question lies in her path, in which she fall under.