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Till Worlds Do Us Part

Till Worlds Do Us Part



Author : Miriam Mavuzi

Publisher : goodnovel


How would you feel if one day, your whole life and the things you knew suddenly changed? How would you feel, if you were placed in a foreign place and you were the odd one out? Well, this is a story about one plane crash. One world lost. One world found and the odd one in it. A 24-year-old teacher on a flight to teach where the need is greater, does not know that the plane she’s on, will crash before she even reaches her destination. Fortunately she survives the plane crash but wakes up in a village. However, she does not recall anything. She quickly adapts to village life, meaning: water from wells, river baths and no cellphones. There are strict laws in this village, for example, unmarried people are not allowed to be close to each other or even seen together. If they are caught or suspected of anything, they are beheaded in front of the whole village. When she begins falling for one of the villagers, Yoké, no rule seems big enough to keep them apart.