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Together, We Conquer

Together, We Conquer



Author : Nathan Frost

Publisher : goodnovel


SINGTO PETERSON is known to be a well-mannered yet a quiet juvenile who has a lot of secrets on his life. KRIST ROBINSON is known to be a bad-mouthed and because of having serious trust issues, he usually ended up being a hot-headed juvenile. Despite the drastic changes happened within their family dynamics, both of them got close to each other even more. For some, you don’t get to feel that life works in mysterious ways until you sit and reflect on all the decisions and people you have met. Most of the time it happens when you least expect it to be and it gave us by far the best surprise experience. However, are we up for the biggest challenges and successes to let go and let it be? Will Singto and Krist be ready to face these biggest challenges on their lives to fill the feeling with emptiness and pains they feel within their hearts and soon enough be healed from those? Or will they continue to live like the same and just pretend to be nothing but normal roommates?