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Trust A Rejected

Trust A Rejected



Author : Amb3rmart1ns

Publisher : goodnovel


Warning if you would like to read this book you'll need to read the first book 'Nerdy to Badass Werewolf' to understand everything. Enjoy.____________________________________Book 3 of the Rejected Series____________________________________After being rejected then leaving the only place you've ever known was tough, what made it even harder was finding out you were carrying another life inside of you. Two life's in fact.Callie had been gone for over six years, and in those six years she gave birth to two miracles. Now she'll have to return home, and face the father of her children. Adrian was always the jokester of the group, you would never see him without a smile, but after six torturous years that smile was non-existent. He had lost all trust in the people around him but maybe he'll Trust a Rejected?