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Under His Protection

Under His Protection



Author : Stella_Shee

Publisher : goodnovel


Laura Van-Lerie a world renowned model and fashion designer have everything in life. Fame, Wealth,and lots of suitors who wants to win her favour, but she still remain distant to the rest of the world guarding her heart zealously. Success comes with danger as she recently found out she has a stalker who was obsessed with her and her was in grave danger. Despite her protest her father hired a bodyguard to protect her all the time, much to her horror the man they hired was no other than the man who can set her heart gallop. Laura had swore never to give him a chance after he disappeared three years ago and reappeared later. With his stubbornness and dominating aura doesn't know who is more dangerous, Michael or her Stalker? ?[Contains Lots of Matured content]