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Until Then, Lucas

Until Then, Lucas



Author : milkyxalmondd

Publisher : goodnovel


Sophia Reyes has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder when she got into a car accident with her best friend Gabriella when they were 6 years old. She's the only one who survived. 14 years later, she has already recovered from the tragic accident that happened to her. Pursuing Sophia’s dream as a doctor, she encounters a man named Lucas de Leon at a friend's party and develops chemistry. Lucas decides to go abroad where his parents are and settle there leaving Sophia behind. Little did Sophia know that Gabriella also has survived the car accident and keeps track of Sophia's activities all the time. Lucas accidentally meets Gabriella abroad and falls in love with her. Sophia on the other hand still hopes for Lucas to go back to her and work things out between them. Years have passed and they were successful on their own. Sophia got an invitation to her ex’s wedding, Lucas getting married to Sophia's childhood best friend, Gabriella. Without any closure from her childhood best friend and boyfriend, she then decides to move on and learn the art of letting go and letting her mantra control her.