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Village Girl

Village Girl



Author : Rayon Comfort Hokma

Publisher : goodnovel


A true life story of perseverance and hope. My childhood, a village girl, going to school at a near by village school, going to the woods, home up keep, when my Mama left, tendering the gardens, learn how to be a marketer at a young age, to look after my siblings. Talk about all other responsibility I had to cope with because of my Mama illness. The story is about being adopted, me and my younger sister, by my grandmother, leaving behind my Mama and the place I once cherished, ended up being abused. I talk to teenager mother's, the power of hope, joy, focus and wiping away your tears and fight a good fight of faith. Talk about being a child at the same time being an adult. Circumstances changed me and turned me into another person. I became a person whom I never knew. To motivating young youth, especially teenager mother’s, helps them to refocus, self esteem, courage, strength, empower, and help them get to their various destinies. Life circumstances changed me, I became a young woman who was focused, an achiever, nothing gets me down, I take it down before it ruins my mental capacity. This chapter talks about my early struggles in life, with my mama leaving, because of a heart disease, I had to be a young mother, to myself and my siblings. I had to start working, at the same time, I had school to attend. This wasn’t easy at all, it affected me more negatively than I had thought….. Talks about my courageous character when I ventured into business of selling ripes and pancakes. I had to learn to do pottery, where I earned more income to sustain the family. In this chapter, elaborate how our mama, life circumstances forced her to change.