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When He Lingers

When He Lingers



Author : harleehallowell

Publisher : goodnovel


If Kyle Gray thought that letting go of his high school sweetheart was the hardest he had ever done, then what's around the corner will hit him harder than the cold. Kyle looks forward to a new semester where he can start over and hopefully move on from the heartbreak. That all shatters when Kyle finds out he has to room with his ex, Ethan. To add salt to the wound, Liam Alexander, a bright face with electric blue eyes, flies all the way from Cali to Minnesota to pursue his dreams of becoming a hockey sportsman. Little does he know that Liam would land right into Kyle's heart. Between one guy who broke his heart and another who stole it, Kyle has to figure out who's ready to let go and who will linger. Ethan? Liam? Or him?