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Zombie zone

Zombie zone



Author : Ajiboye loveth

Publisher : goodnovel


On february 12, 2027. In Center for Disease and Pandemic District Hospital Washington, DC. So many staffs are busy working in there; And each of them as it's own position. Some of them are: Luis George, Jane Raymond, John, Fred and Margaret. It was past 8am, when Luis George that works mostly on blood samples came to drop a package that contains a zombie's blood on the desk of Mrs. Jane Raymond, who is the director of the District hospital. Luis told Mrs. Jane that, an anonymous person came to deliver a package and it read "A community is full of zombies search for it!" Later on, Luis betrayed Mrs. Jane.Margret and Fred argument leads to the blow off of the DC. After the DC was destroyed, those that survives gets to meet a lot of different people on their way while looking for shelter. One of those they met on their way, was named Michael. The world turns into hell when everybody started turning into zombies, then a fight began between the remaining survivors, Zombies, and Aliens. Vaccine that was created, was later distributed among the other survivors they met.Unfortunately, the vaccine expired which leads to another tragedy and that makes Michael the last man standing.