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You are my dream

You are my dream



Author : Qing Yi

Publisher : hinovel


It was the worst blind date Violet had ever been on. But instead of putting up with him, she rebuked him right back. Terence, the man at the table beside them, was intrigued by her attitude and subconsciously followed her to the bar.Their mutual attraction and the copious amount of alcohol led them to a night of pleasure. What should have been a one night stand, by a twist of fate, ended in marriage? Their parents blessed their union at the simple wedding ceremony. Terence loved Violet ardently, which came as a shock to his friends because this was not at all like the indifferent Terence they had known all along.But with the return of Violet's ex-boyfriend, a secret that had been hidden for four years was now gradually being unveiled, threatening their sweet married life.