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A Vampire‘s Pride

A Vampire‘s Pride



Author : Glazeisaunicorn215

Publisher : ireaderm


"Kilian Vergio." I whisper his name, almost frightened to say it. The fire flickers as I stare at the summoning spell- would this come to bite me in the ass later on? Maybe. I take a deep breath and run my eyes along the spell one more time before saying it out loud. As soon as the words are out of my mouth, the fire goes out. I feel a cool breeze caress my shoulders and I shiver. Had I done it? Had I summoned him? The fire lights back up- but this time, there's another person in the room with me. "Oh fuck." I curse, the reality spreading of what I had actually done slapping me in the face. He's leaning on the fireplace, red eyes connect with mine as he gives me a wicked smirk. He takes a step forward as my heart sinks, dread piling up in my stomach, and also- butterflies? His fangs gleam in the fire light as he eyes me down. "Happy anniversary, sweetheart." His voice smooth like silk rings out. I go pale. · · Viola is tired of wondering her entire life what it would have been like if she'd been raised by her mother- so she strikes up a deal with Kilian; a demon so powerful, so deadly, and so beautiful. She has no idea what she's getting herself into. Especially when her dad goes missing the next day. She has to solely rely on herself, her new acquaintanceship with a wicked force such as him, and a family that she's never known in order to find him and complete the prophecy. But how difficult will that be, when her ice powers try to take her over- and a devishly handsome demon tries to make grabs for her very own heart. She might find her dad safely, but will she ever come back the same? IMPORTANT: ·CAN BE READ AS A STAND ALONE- NO NEED TO READ THE FIRST ONE. ·