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Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


At a schemed feast held by a rich family, her fiancé sent her to his uncle's bed in order to get his beloved woman. The reporters rushed into the room. "Excuse me, what's your relationship?" Lucas elegantly put his arm around her shoulder with a smile and asked them, "We slept together, so what is the relationship between us do you think?" "Excuse me, Claire, isn't Lucas your fiancé's uncle? Why could you sleep together?" Claire leaned on the arms of Lucas and smiled, "I have an affair. Didn't you see it?" When the reporters left, she clapped his hands and said, "Thank you for helping me punish the scums." He put the ring on her finger and said definitely, "Let jerks get what they deserve." When Bruno saw the purplish blood on the bed, he realized he had lost her. He often went to his uncle's home only wanting to know if she was unhappy. Finally one day, the little cute baby saw him and immediately asked for help, "Cousin, cousin, my parents are fighting." Bruno raised hopes and rolled up sleeves, "Lucas, I won't let you go." The cute little baby immediately stopped him and said, "No, no, no, help my father. Mom is sitting on his body." Bruno could say nothing...