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Billionaire Husband Comes to the Net

Billionaire Husband Comes to the Net

Fall in Love with Billionaire


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


He was the world's leading commercial emperor, cold-blooded and mysterious. She was an unpampered rich girl, a kind-hearted and stubborn girl, an unpampered mother, an unloved father. She had been abandoned by a boyfriend she had been dating for many years. Until one day, he appeared like a god, his thin lips slowly curving into an evil smile, "Woman, were you deaf just now? I said notify you! You are my woman, whether you like it or not. " The next morning, the doorbell rang non-stop. She opened the door with a hazy look in her eyes and pulled on her slippers. Young Madam, good morning! " In front of him stood a row of men in black suits. Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her face was filled with surprise "You guys … "Did we find the wrong person?" "That's right, you are our Young Madam."