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CEO Hubby‘s Sweet Love

CEO Hubby‘s Sweet Love

Modern Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


The 19-year-old Su An'an had been forced by his father to marry Gu Mo Cheng, who was thirty-one years old. That night, she was completely crushed by Gu Mo Cheng, who had turned into a hungry wolf. "Didn't you say that it was impossible?" They are all men in their thirties and they don't know how to control themselves. " Su An'an held onto his broken waist to express his dissatisfaction. Mr. Gu was angry and pressed down again, "Continue!" "After the marriage, Mr Gu began to take care of his wife and his wife." "Hubby, father scum wants to hit me again!" "Wait and see!" "Mister Gu was furious and directly took care of the Su Clan." Husband, she drugged me and wants to give me to another man! " Su An'an pointed to his half-sister. Mr. Gu was furious. He slapped his elder sister, causing her to lose her reputation. Relying on Mr. Gu's favors, Su Anan was able to return those who bullied her a thousand times over. Some people couldn't bear to see her so arrogant, so Mr. Gu disdained, "This is my favour!"