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CEO Justin Brown ‘s Forced love

CEO Justin Brown ‘s Forced love

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


At midnight. The bold woman burst into his room. He caught her. “I love U”. “Are you kidding?! Love me? Fine, satisfy you!” A whole night of intimate sex. He even helped her solve her family affairs. However, she changed her attitude since then and pretended they were strangers! He approached her delicately, “Remember me now?" She pretended, “Oh, you are the…at nightclub? Let me be frank. No money!” He then grabbed her to bed and tortured her as severely as possible! At that time, Jennie finally knew the consequence of provoking Justin Brown, the NO. 1 CEO in America! She thought that she would never meddled with him anymore. But one day, she should find out the genome institute had studied his body. She suddenly realized that all were a well-planned trap of her father. She dropped everything to find him. “Woman, once you provoke me, you may never think you can leave me!” She flattered, “Then kiss me.”