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CEO’s Constant Dote on His Wife

CEO’s Constant Dote on His Wife

Fall in Love with Billionaire


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


In an elaborate conspiracy, she was sent by her newlywed husband to the bed of the number one evildoer in the Northern Capital. The reporter broke in. She used the opportunity of the man beside her to announce that her name was Hua Xia and turned around to flee. The man flew into a rage and trapped her by her side, "Woman, you seduced me and you want to run? How can it be so easy?!" The devilishly charming man tried to lure her into the trap step by step, and she couldn't hold back her rage, "Speak!" Just what do you want to do before you are willing to let go! " He laughed wickedly, locking her up in his arms, "You little idiot, you are a good medicine for me! "I swear I won't rest until I die." He was domineering and cold, but the only person he doted on was her. In a calamity, he had become a poison that she could not cure, he had become her eternal damnation.