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Cold-Blooded CEO‘s Beloved Wife

Cold-Blooded CEO‘s Beloved Wife

Fall in Love with Billionaire


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


He was the president of the Emperor International. He was worth hundreds of billions of dollars. "After a crazy night, she woke up under his body," "Bastard, let me go!" Let go? Are you sure? Just now, he was shouting, hurry up, continue, the person I want … "Who is it?" The man gave a bloodthirsty sneer. In order to achieve his goals, he married her with ulterior motives and forced her to stay by his side. Every night, he would happily humiliate her. Just then, she met a man who was as beautiful as a god. Twins? Twins? Who was he? In order to find out the truth, she had sneaked into his study and discovered the huge secret he had been hiding all along. Two identical looking men, one holding her right hand and the other left, were incomparably domineering. "An Xiaoming, he and I, who would you choose?"