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Crown Princess Behaves Better

Crown Princess Behaves Better

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


In his previous life, he had done all sorts of bad things and had finally stepped onto the throne of the Crown Prince's consort from a humble woman. However, on his wedding night, he had betrayed his family and died a horrible death. In this life, she could only save millions of lives and avoid the retribution from her previous life. Thus, she had set her sights on the perfect and mysterious Crown Prince Qingliu, whose responsibility was to cause war and destroy the world. "If you want to save the world, you have to save Yue Qingliu first. This lady will accept him and carry out a good transformation." Yue Qingliu said, "If you want to destroy the world, you have to destroy the night. This prince will let you know what it means to be whimsical, to hit a rock with an egg." And then … They put down their butcher knives and stood in pairs, leading a fairy-tale life?