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Cute Twins: Mr. Clarke‘s Runaway Wife

Cute Twins: Mr. Clarke‘s Runaway Wife

Editor's Choice


Author : ZYCulture

Publisher : ireaderm


"Felix Clarke, my kids are not yours! Forget it!" Camille Reed had never expected that she's pregnant for the man she hated the most, so she ran away with her kids. However, why would her baby help Felix? "Daddy, an uncle sent a big bunch of flowers to Mommy."Felix raised his eyebrow and said calmly, "Don't worry!" "Daddy, an uncle invited Mommy to an expensive dinner." Felix smiled coldly. "Don't worry!" "Daddy, an uncle wants to take Mommy away!" He went crazy and took the bodyguards to catch up with them. What a naughty woman! It's time to take good care of her!