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Devilish CEO, Love Me Cautiously

Devilish CEO, Love Me Cautiously

Fall in Love with Billionaire


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


She is his fiancee, yet he coldly wants her to abort their child. Before the abortion, she fled in panic. Five years later, she becomes the most charming rookie in the entertainment industry, and he is a noble CEO. When they meet again, he coldly asked, "Bring the child back to split my property?" She giggled. "What are you talking about? The child was long gone." He was stupefied, and his heart unexpectedly began to ache with pain for a long time. Once upon a time, he had thought that her body had a strange fragrance, and that it was her fate to be born for him. He said, "The frangrance on your body is just to seduce me." She smiled seductively, "You're wrong, my frangrance is used to seduce me and my revenge has only just begun. You must be careful, because I am good at seducing men.