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Doting Wife: CEO Of Flash Marriage Is So Overbearing

Doting Wife: CEO Of Flash Marriage Is So Overbearing

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


She lost her virginity for no reason and was seen by others. It wasn't the worst thing, the worst thing was that the one she slept with turned out to be the so-called weirdest rich man, Feng Yimo. In addition, she received a diagnosis of "pregnancy" and married him in a muddle. She accepted the mistake but she hadn't expected that her wired husband would find fault with everything in the name of cleanliness. She could not bear it and decided to fight back but was accidentally moved by his gentleness. When his first love returned and the secret was revealed, she dejectedly decided to leave. "Let's get a divorce!" "Do you still remember the house rules of Feng Family? Rule number one: No divorce!”He didn't even look at her. “Rule number five: If there is a conflict between a couple, the innocent party can sex the guilty party up for a hundred times!" Holy shit, 100 times! She had broken rule number five, like, ten times in a month! In this life, would she ever be able to pay it off? Would she ever be able to leave?