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Everything out of Love

Everything out of Love

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


The imperfection of life made her a single mother; the imperfection of love made her a single mother; the imperfection of marriage made her a single mother. One was a sad mother who could not extricate herself from her memories; the other was a fierce, venomous woman who could not control herself; and the other was an enchanting mother who could only repel her ex-husband's constant advances. Three unhappy single mothers, who had come together because of their work, immediately had an intense chemical reaction. Under the training of life, marriage and the battlefield of work, the crisis of friendship, the disillusion of love, the ups and downs of work, how Tan Jiajia, Ye Su and Zhen Cheng would reverse their lives and become the living story of a single spicy mother.