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Evil Consort Teases Cold Acting King

Evil Consort Teases Cold Acting King

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Yun Long Yue, the number one female war god in the special team, traversing through the air and becoming a foolish daughter who was shouted for by the people of the Prime Minister's Estate. Aunt Dou, punish the little sister, thirty-six tricks play once, go! Unfortunately, rumors were flying all over the capital, and foolish direct disciples had yet to leave the house and had already lost their virginity. What were they doing if their lover did not behave himself?! One day when they first met, she was trapped within the Cloud Peak Formation. He was like a descending god, bewitching. A set of cloud sleeves shocked the world, causing the people in the area to feel cold … (Yun Long Yue was thinking: So awesome, why don't you just go up to the sky!)