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Evil Daddy is Hard to Serve

Evil Daddy is Hard to Serve

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Overnight, the -year-old Miuxi was forced to drop out of school for one reason, she had. Overnight, there was only one reason why a twenty-six-year-old 'old' leftover girl had appeared on the front page of the gossip page. She did not want to be lonely, and had been broadcast live for the entire 'Human Creation Project'. "Mi'er Bao Mi Nannan, you two go look for sh * t." She had never imagined that she would be tricked by her own son and daughter. Then, could the 'Human Creation Project' be broadcasted live so casually? "Mi Dabao, you got a bargain so you can't act good. You enjoyed it a lot last night." The black eyes of a certain domineering CEO narrowed, showing an unforgiving expression. Miuxi wanted to cry, but no tears came out. She could only turn her attention to the disheveled man. "You're 'committing crimes' with others. What a shxt." "That's not just anyone else, it's the crystallization of our love. Great treasure, board the ship first, then make up the votes and ask for marriage." She looked back at the two smaller versions of the man, it wasn't easy for her to raise her son and daughter, she couldn't let the stinky man get away with it. Thus, she gritted her teeth, and Mi Zhixi immediately refused, "I don't want to marry …" The road to chasing a wife was a long one. Only then did Lan Mujing know that it was easy to have a woman's body, but it was even harder to have a woman's heart than to ascend to heaven …