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Evil Uncle, See You Tonight

Evil Uncle, See You Tonight

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


After being hacked, her cousin proudly took her boyfriend's arm, forcing her to call him brother-in-law. In order to return the favor of raising her, she had turned into a woman with a fiance out of hatred for her husband. What bad luck! When she stepped into the Gong Family, not only was she despised by her fiancé for everything, she even accidentally left a heart on his little uncle. " Why did you kiss me last night? " One day, the man blocked her off in the bathroom. " Ah... Aren't you drunk? " "She covered her mouth, her little face lost." Who says I can kiss when I'm drunk? " "A dark light shone in the man's eyes." Then … When can I? " "She blinked and asked shamelessly." I can do it now! " He sealed her small mouth and said, "Remember, after kissing me, you can only be my woman."