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Ex-husband CEO Don’t be Rampant

Ex-husband CEO Don’t be Rampant

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Six years ago, she forced the powerful Li Zhan Chen to marry her; five years ago, the ruthless Li CEO threw her out of the house with a piece of paper. Four years later, she walked in front of him, holding her son's hand. She smiled sweetly and said, "My darling, come here. This is Mommy's ex-husband. He is called Uncle." Li Zhan Chen looked at the adorable child carved from the same mold as him and growled, "Gu Zhi Qiu, did you secretly give birth to my child?" Great Beauty Gu smiled, "The child is born in the open, moreover, he is not your kind." CEO Li glared with his peach blossom eyes. How could this little doll that looked exactly like him, not be his? However, the blood test and DNA test were all done, and the result was that it really wasn't his seed? How could this be? He clearly had the same appearance! Great Beauty Gu sneered, "Back then, you gave me a pill every time you finished doing it. How could I possibly be pregnant with your child? The ex-husband wakes up, this is my seed and somebody else's. " Li Zhan Chen was enraged and pressed her down: "You can give birth to children that look exactly like me? Let me see who you and I are born like! "