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Exquisite Good-for-Nothing Young Miss

Exquisite Good-for-Nothing Young Miss

Ancient Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


The undercover demonic doctor, who would take revenge for any grievances, accidentally crossed over and became the infamous trash that had more money than ugly people! The contract was made by an ancient artifact spirit, and he had to cultivate Xuan alchemy to make a comeback. Wang Ba's temperament caused a bunch of scheming scum men to smoke out. A genius who had cultivated to the fifth stage of the Profound Practitioners for seventeen years! She had advanced to the Third Stage in one night with the Water Spirit Root! A fighter jet among geniuses! Competing in alchemy? Her family's artifact spirit was filled with immortal pills and elixirs! He was the charming, cold-blooded and ruthless Xie Wang. Everyone said that he was the reincarnation of an Asura, and that he loved to kill as if it were his life! "But why is it that when you're in front of her, all kinds of gluey stuff happen? Sticky like a piece of butter." "What do you need to do to not pester me?" If a good woman is to be bothered, then of course she will be bothered for the rest of her life. " A poison pill was shoved into his mouth as he laughed, "My beloved concubine really has a heavy taste. Could it be that you want to play with me as a human and a ghost?"