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Exquisite Telepathic Lady

Exquisite Telepathic Lady

Ancient Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


When they first met, he was peerlessly beautiful, and his body was entangled by ghosts and devils. She smiled and said, "Does Your Highness wish to take a wife? If you break off the engagement, I guarantee that you will be able to embrace each other and win every night! " He dangerously frowned and forced her into a corner. "This King's abilities are limited. One person is enough!" The next day. She held onto her waist, which had almost broken into two halves. Her heart was filled with emotions – her P ability was limited. She was a 21st century mage, with a pair of psychic eyes, able to see ghosts and solve suspense cases. Once she transmigrated, she became the young mistress of the Xiao family who had eloped with someone. She even gave away a free fiancé who had taken countless wives. The two paper talismans disappeared completely. "He took the opportunity to hook her into his embrace, and entangled her in a bone-eroding manner." "F * ck!" What happened to the silver taels?