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Fierce Legitimate Daughter

Fierce Legitimate Daughter

Ancient Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Didn't they say that she was an idiot? How did he become so intelligent all of a sudden? He even got the title of the world's most talented girl? Didn't you say that she is ugly? How could she be as beautiful as a descending Celestial Immortal? That Prince Xian, who had openly reneged on her marriage and despised her ugliness, was about to turn green from his regret! Didn't they say that she was willing to marry him for the sake of Prince Xian? Now that he gave her the title of an official wangfei, how could she not feel disdain for him?! Didn't they say that she was powerless? How could he go on the battlefield to kill his enemies and take back all the states on Saturday? More powerful than the generals! Weren't women supposed to be gentle, virtuous, and dignified? Why was she acting so domineering like a man? She was so beautiful that it radiated in all directions!