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Flash-Married Hubby, Love Me Tender

Flash-Married Hubby, Love Me Tender

Fall in Love with Billionaire


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Marriage with a son — — Qiao Jin wanted to marry the emperor of Xiangcheng's business, the legendary first Wealthy Class. She had heard that her husband was very cold, very irritable, and extremely shrewd. Everyone was betting that her life after marriage would be quite miserable! However, on the first day of marriage … He coldly said to her, "Marry me and you'll be my woman. I'll pamper you in the future." One month after the wedding. He watched her with the baby, a little grumpy. "Can't you spend some time with your man except with the baby?" Qiao Jin was so shocked that she almost dropped the bottle in her hand. "Mr. Zhuo, I brought your son." One night a year after the wedding. He had an ulterior motive in getting her drunk and whispered in her ear, "How about giving me another child?" Qiao Jin only had one thought in her mind — Mr. Zhuo, you are so different from the legendary calligraphy! Can't you be more serious?