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Genius Cool Kid: CEO is Too Fond of His Wife

Genius Cool Kid: CEO is Too Fond of His Wife

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Author : ZYCulture

Publisher : ireaderm


"Boss, our website has been hacked." "Investigate it." "Boss, I brought him here, another miniature version of you."Feng Yichen gritted his teeth when he saw another kid who looked exactly like him. "Little thing, where's your mommy?" The kid was calm. "Old man, be more polite." Feng Yichen smiled coldly with fierce eyes. "Boy, you're just as ballsy as your mommy." The kid didn't deny. "Mommy taught me to be ballsy." Five years ago, in a dark tent, a drunk woman seduced him and then she gave birth to twins and lost one. Five years later, she secretly photographed him, cured his hidden illness abd also stole his heart. However, she then disappeared with his sons. Feng Yichen swore that he would catch that woman and spoil her so much that she would know the price of taking advantage of him.